Reasons To Keep Your Divorce Proceedings Off Social Media

22 August 2018
 Categories: Law, Blog

People frequently use social media to document the hour-by-hour details of their lives, and this can be a good tool for celebrating accomplishments, sharing photos, and more. If you and your spouse are going through a divorce, however, this isn't something that you want to share on social media. For some people, avoiding these sorts of updates can be difficult, but you'll generally find that doing so is not only in your best interest but also in the best interest of your family. Here are some reasons to keep your divorce proceedings off social media.

Your Spouse May Use This Information Against You

People can post some outlandish things when they're upset or emotional, and it's possible for your spouse to see what you've written—or have a friend or family member see—and take a screen capture. Even if you delete the post soon afterward, someone may have a record of it, and your spouse's attorney may be able to use this information to your spouse's advantage. For example, perhaps you write a post in which you brag about certain assets that you have and how he or she will "never get them." Your spouse's attorney will then be sure to bring this topic up.

It's Better For Your Children

If your children use Facebook, you don't want to give them a front-row seat to your online squabbles. They're probably already stressed enough, given the circumstances, and reading posts in which you and your spouse malign each other can be detrimental. People may also write untrue things about one another in an effort to demean them to their circle of friends, and this information can be very hurtful for your children to read. Remember, what you post on social media stays there, so your children may be able to find these posts even years from now.

It Maintains Your Professional Reputation

People often have their colleagues as social media friends, and while you might choose to tell a few co-workers or your boss about your disrupted personal life, airing your grievances on social media is a bad idea. Your boss and colleagues may begin to see you in a different light if they read your posts bashing your spouse. It can be difficult to undo this damage, and you may even find that people at work begin to treat you differently. Your divorce attorney is always a good resource for assessing how you should act during this situation.

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