After The Collision: What Should You Do?

13 December 2019
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When a car crashes into you, you will likely react emotionally, particularly if you are hurt. While this is a natural response, it is important that you try to stay as calm as possible to get through the aftermath of the accident. Before you have a chance to meet with your personal injury attorney, you have to take it upon yourself to gather as much evidence and documentation as possible. The following are some things you should consider doing: Read More 

What You Should Do In Cases Of Age Discrimination

18 November 2019
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If you work at a job in which you are made to feel discriminated against due to your age, you may have a legal claim for employment discrimination. There are several forms of employment discrimination, including age, gender, race, and the like. Age discrimination is common, but you have rights. Here are some things you need to know: You Are Protected by the ADEA The ADEA, or Age Discrimination in Employment Act, is the first step in going against age discrimination in the workplace. Read More 

Issues That Might Complicate Your Child Support Plan

21 October 2019
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Child support is an emotional issue, and divorcing couples run into all sorts of problems with it. Below are some of the complications you may face with child support during your divorce. Unemployment Income level is one of the biggest factors in child support determination. Therefore, a difficulty arises when the paying parent doesn't have a source of income that the court can use for the calculations. One way of dealing with this problem is to find out whether employment is voluntary or involuntary. Read More 

Disabled But Near Retirement: What To Know

24 September 2019
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As a worker passes retirement age, they may begin making financial plans. Most workers will be able to take advantage of Social Security retirement benefits when they reach a certain age. Unfortunately, some workers may have medical conditions that prevent them from working as long as they like. These workers may be able to benefit from Social Security Disability Insurance services or SSDI benefits in some cases. To find out how these two benefit situations are affected by each other, read on. Read More 

Photo And Video Evidence To Collect In An Elevator Injury Case

19 August 2019
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Many people take elevators in residential and office buildings countless times a day without thinking twice, but you should never lose sight of the fact that elevators can be risky environments. Many different things can go wrong that result in some type of injury for those who are riding the elevator. If you ever find yourself in an elevator when something goes awry, it's important to quickly grab your smartphone (if you can) to begin documenting things with photos and videos. Read More