How A Wage Garnishment Lawyer Can Help Struggling Families With Tax Issues

3 December 2020
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Many people struggle with tax problems every year and have a hard time paying their bills on time. When this happens, a wage garnishment may make their life more difficult and put a strain on their family that can be hard to manage. Therefore, it is critical for those in this situation to reach out to a lawyer who can provide them with a little bit of help in this frustrating scenario. Read More 

Can You Sue Your Employer If You Get Hurt On The Job?

3 November 2020
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If you get hurt on the job, you might think your employer should be responsible. That can be the case, but it depends on what happened. There may also be different ways of recovering based on the nature of the injury. Here's how you should approach your claim. Who Caused the Injury? Whether you can sue your employer first depends on who caused the injury. First, take an extreme example of a robber stabbing you. Read More 

How A Long-Term Disability Lawyer Can Prevent A Stressful Claim Process

5 October 2020
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If you're dealing with a physical problem that makes you disabled and it doesn't look like it will get any better, filing for long-term disability is often the best response. It can be a challenge to get these benefits, but assistance is available. A long-term disability lawyer can improve your odds of having the claim go through thanks to these services.  Initial Case Assessment Before you ever begin filling out an application to receive long-term disability benefits, a disability attorney can conduct a thorough case assessment. Read More 

When Filers Want To Keep A Debt Post Bankruptcy

28 August 2020
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Getting rid of as much debt as possible is undoubtedly the main goal of most bankruptcy filers. In most cases, a chapter bankruptcy can mean that almost all of your debt is forgiven, or discharged. To understand why anyone would want to hang on to some of that debt, you need to understand the two main types of debt and the advantages of what is known as a reaffirmation. Read on and learn more. Read More 

Three Ways To Receive Compensation Beyond A Driver’s Policy Limits After A Traffic Accident

30 July 2020
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Every auto insurance policy will have limits that are set for both liability and property damage. If you are injured by another driver, it is the liability portion of the policy that will pay for your medical expenses, missed work, as well as pain and suffering. However, what happens when the compensation needed for the accident exceeds the limits of the driver's insurance policy? The following are a few ways an auto accident lawyer may be able to get you more money. Read More