Filing For Bankruptcy? Don’t Make These Mistakes

6 December 2021
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Are you considering bankruptcy to get you out of your financial troubles? If so, it will help to know some of the mistakes people make before they file.  Forgetting To List Debts  There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be filled out before you officially file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, you can make a big mistake by not accurately filling out the paperwork. This is often due to forgetting to list everything that you owe when you list out all your debts. Read More 

Things To Be Aware Of When Working With A Bail Bond Company

26 October 2021
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For bail amounts that are set really high, bail bonds are handy resources that those in jail can use to get out. They are often orchestrated by a bail bond company, which you'll have no trouble working with when in this situation if you become aware of these things. You Don't Get Back the Premium There will be a premium required to work with a bail bond company, which is a percentage of your total bail amount. Read More 

Questions To Ask Your OVI Lawyer

20 September 2021
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If the police arrest you for driving while impaired by prescription drugs or driving with a high BAC (blood alcohol content), you may get a DUI or OVI charge. The traffic authorities may revoke your driving license, or you may face possible jail time, especially if you cause a severe accident. Also, you may pay a hefty fine. While the charges can be overwhelming, an OVI lawyer can help you through the process. Read More 

Reasons Why You Need A Criminal Lawyer To Lead Your Defense

12 August 2021
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The modern litigious society means you could be facing criminal charges or counts at any time. You deserve a fair hearing and worthy representation, regardless of the type of accusations levelled against you. However, if found guilty, your criminal record could hinder you from getting jobs. Criminal records also prevent you from getting a firearm, proper housing, student aid, and professional licenses in your field. This article discusses a criminal defense lawyer's capabilities that make them an essential part of your defense. Read More 

4 Ways a Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help You Get the Largest Possible Reward

9 July 2021
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As an employee, it's not always easy to uncover your company's injustice or unlawful behavior because your career could be on the line. Regardless, it would still help if you came forward with such information, especially with fraud cases against the government because your anonymity is protected under the False Claim Act. Additionally, following a successful claim, you can get a percentage of the money recovered in the lawsuit. However, this is only possible with the help of a whistleblower lawyer. Read More