4 Ways a Whistleblower Lawyer Can Help You Get the Largest Possible Reward

9 July 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

As an employee, it's not always easy to uncover your company's injustice or unlawful behavior because your career could be on the line. Regardless, it would still help if you came forward with such information, especially with fraud cases against the government because your anonymity is protected under the False Claim Act. Additionally, following a successful claim, you can get a percentage of the money recovered in the lawsuit. However, this is only possible with the help of a whistleblower lawyer. Here's how their services can be handy.

1. They will evaluate your claim and evidence relating to it

Before filing a claim, you should seek the help of a whistleblower lawyer. This is necessary as they'll help you determine whether your claim is worth pursuing or if there's not enough information to go off of. They do this by evaluating the facts of your case and any other evidence you may have in order to decide whether or not they fit the False Claims Act or the Dodd-Frank Act (a law dealing with securities fraud).

2. Help you file a lawsuit in a way that protects your identity   

Once a whistleblower attorney believes that's there's enough evidence to prosecute your company for wrongdoing, they'll help you file a lawsuit under seal with the United States attorney. In addition, they'll take extra steps to protect your identity. Remember that any claims under the whistleblower law don't enter the public record. The only exception is when the government decides not to pursue your case. You should also know that whistleblower cases can be lengthy and backed by heated legal battles, but you can be confident that your lawyer will launch a counterattack to help you obtain a fair reward.

3. They can fight to help you get the maximum reward

Following a successful claim, you should receive part of the amount recovered from the lawsuit, set by the court or government. That being the case, a whistleblower attorney's services are often necessary because they will ensure that you don't get shortchanged. In addition, they'll fight for you to get you maximum compensation for your contribution to the success of the case. 

4. They can seek government intervention

When your case goes to court, one of the surest ways to guarantee success is through government intervention. One of the benefits of hiring an experienced whistleblower attorney is that they know how to compose a case to persuade the government to join the lawsuit.

Don't be afraid to speak out about fraud activities to the government. Get an experienced whistleblower lawyer to help you speak up and receive fair compensation.