How A Wage Garnishment Lawyer Can Help Struggling Families With Tax Issues

3 December 2020
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Many people struggle with tax problems every year and have a hard time paying their bills on time. When this happens, a wage garnishment may make their life more difficult and put a strain on their family that can be hard to manage. Therefore, it is critical for those in this situation to reach out to a lawyer who can provide them with a little bit of help in this frustrating scenario.

Tax Problems May Cause Wage Garnishment

When a person struggles to pay their taxes on time and owes the IRS money, they may end up struggling with other expenses. Unfortunately, the IRS has the power to garnish a person's wages to obtain the money that is owed to them. This situation means that cash comes right out of a person's paycheck before they even have a chance to cash it or figure out what has happened to their money.

Unfortunately, a person with wage garnishment may struggle to make payments elsewhere and have a hard time helping their family stay strong. For example, it may be harder to buy food, to handle various types of car payments, and much more. As a result, it is essential for those in this situation to reach out to a lawyer to see what they can do about this financially devastating and harmful situation.

Ways Lawyers May Help

Though tax-related wage garnishments may not be removable from a person's expenses, there are still ways that a lawyer may help. First of all, they can talk with the IRS or the team behind the garnishment and discuss ways to make it easier for a person to handle. Often, this situation revolves around creating a payment plan that makes more sense for a person's financial needs and won't make their life impossible.

This situation can help a person to not only pay off their tax debt but also handle any other financial situations that they may have, such as paying car bills and other types of payments. Just as critically, this type of help can make it easier for a person to handle different elements, such as how to handle their taxes in the future and how to provide a living wage that keeps their family from suffering at the same time.

There are some cases, however, where a lawyer may be able to get a garnishment removed if they can dispute the claim and prove that it is inaccurate. When fighting against the IRS in this type of situation, success is, unfortunately, quite rare. However, it can happen and is possible if there is any reason to expect that the garnishment is not accurate to a person's financial history. Contact a company, such as Havner Law Firm, for more information.