How A Long-Term Disability Lawyer Can Prevent A Stressful Claim Process

5 October 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

If you're dealing with a physical problem that makes you disabled and it doesn't look like it will get any better, filing for long-term disability is often the best response. It can be a challenge to get these benefits, but assistance is available. A long-term disability lawyer can improve your odds of having the claim go through thanks to these services. 

Initial Case Assessment

Before you ever begin filling out an application to receive long-term disability benefits, a disability attorney can conduct a thorough case assessment. This is when they'll look at your condition or injury to see just how it's impacting your life.

They'll see if it is indeed keeping you from working and if so, how much you're being affected from a financial standpoint. After this careful analysis, they can compare your case with cases that typically go through. 

If you're a suitable candidate, you can begin working with the attorney right then and there. If you're not, the attorney can suggest other alternatives for dealing with the financial impact of your situation. 

Application Review

The first stage of being accepted for long-term disability is submitting a claim application. You need to take this process seriously because if you don't and just go through it carelessly, you're bound to make a mistake that could end up hurting you. For instance, the claim may be denied.

If you hire a long-term disability attorney, you'll know that you're doing the right things when filling out forms. If you do make a mistake, your attorney will be there to catch it early on so that you don't waste precious time or leave yourself open to being rejected. Only after the attorney has proofread the forms and verified that you did everything correctly will they be sent off.

Deadline Updates

Unfortunately, people looking for long-term disability don't have unlimited time to file and get it. There are deadlines in place to facilitate this process for those that truly need long-term disability. Keeping track of all of these dates may seem impossible, but that's why you have a long-term disability lawyer.

They'll keep these dates stored in their records and will let you know when they are approaching in case you still have paperwork to submit or documentation to provide regarding your disability. Not having to worry about missing a deadline is worth the legal fees you pay.

If you truly need long-term disability to get by, then it's smart to get legal representation from an attorney that knows how long-term disability works. They can save you time and stress, as well as prevent your claim from getting denied.