How A Real Estate Attorney Can Help When You Are Being Fleeced

23 January 2019
 Categories: Law, Blog

Making a deal on real estate that you love can seem like the ultimate score. There is a lot of history in many properties and a lot of behind the scenes work when it comes to preparing the land, building a home, and selling a house. Unfortunately, there are some ways in which you may not be granted a good deal on the property. There are hidden issues that can come with real estate that an attorney can protect you from or fight for you after the fact. Here are three ways a real estate attorney can help you when you are being fleeced in a real estate deal. 

Make sure there is no breach of contract

It is common for a real estate deal to come with addendums. These are typically added after a home inspection finds that there is work that needs to be performed. If you made a deal with a seller to make sure that the home was on the up and up before it was sold and they did not properly perform the work, you may have a reason for a lawsuit. If you are sure that the seller did not properly perform up to the contract standards, your real estate attorney can sue them for a breach of contract. 

Selling a home and offers

As a home seller, you have the right to know about any and all offers that are being made on the home. If the home has several different offers and your real estate agent does not notify you of all offers in a timely manner, you may not sell your home for the best possible price. This can be due to preferential treatment for a certain buyer by the real estate agent. If you find out that this happened, you will be able to bring a lawsuit against your real estate agent for a failure of duty. 

Being sold land not zoned correctly

When you purchase land, it is imperative to know how it is zoned. The zoning will determine if you are able to build a residential neighborhood or if the land is zoned commercially. If you have been sold land under one zoning and later find out that it was improperly listed in accordance with zoning laws, you may not be able to use your property as necessary. This means that a real estate attorney will need to help you legally get out of your contract or sale. 

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