Common Employment Law Situations That May Require Professional Representation

5 March 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

Finding yourself involved in an employment dispute can be a stressful experience as you may be unsure as to the options that you can take to resolve these matters. In fact, some workers may even fail to realize that they have options for protecting their rights during these matters. In particular, there are several common situations where workers may need to seek employment law representation in order to resolve the matter in the most efficient manner possible.

Conflicts Over Severance Packages

For many workers, their employment contract will outline a severance package that they will qualify to receive when they leave the firm. Unfortunately, there can be instances where the business may not fully uphold its obligations to the employee, and this may result in them attempting to skirt some of their responsibilities under the severance agreement. When this is the case, legal action may be necessary to force the employer to uphold their end of the employment contract.

Workplace Injuries

Suffering an injury while at work can leave an employee with mounting medical bills and an inability to pay for the treatments that they need. While many employers are required to have worker's compensation insurance for these situations, there are exceptions to this requirement. For example, businesses that only employ a few workers may not be legally required to carry this type of policy. Unfortunately, pursuing a lawsuit against the employer may be the only way to compel them to cover the costs of the injuries that were suffered. While many employees will want to avoid this type of lengthy legal battle, it can be unavoidable for those that are not covered by a workers' compensation policy. Otherwise, they may face the prospects of financial ruin.

Workplace Discrimination

Sadly, there are many workers who will find themselves the victim of some type of discrimination in the workplace. Whether this is based on the person's race, gender, or sexual orientation, it is important for them to appreciate that there are legal avenues that they take use to find justice. Furthermore, the employer can face stiff penalties from licensing boards and other regulatory bodies for the discrimination. While workers will often assume that it is impossible for them to effectively prove workplace discrimination, there are employment law professionals that have ample experience representing this type of case. As a result, they will understand the type of evidence to collect and the defenses that are the most likely to be used by the business.