The Importance of Notes Following a Car Accident

28 May 2020
 Categories: Law, Blog

There is a lot that goes down when an auto accident occurs. Because of this, it can be hard to remember everything that transpired. However, in the event that you decide to pursue a legal claim for compensation for the property damage and personal injuries that were sustained, the details of the accident are critical. This is why it is so important for victims to take notes as quickly as possible after being involved in an auto accident. Keep reading to learn three reasons why it is so incredibly important to jot down the specific details of the accident.

Note Taking Can Help Fill in Gaps in Your Memory Later

You want to first start by taking notes at the accident scene, if possible. You should write down when the accident occurred (date and time), where it occurred (the specific location), and what the conditions were at the time of the accident (rainy, icy, etc.). Apart from the other parties involved in the accident, you also want to take note of any eyewitnesses, along with their contact information.

You will want to describe what occurred and your own observations of the accident in as much detail as possible. Make sure to include where you were coming from and going, what you were doing, etc. No detail is too small or insignificant at this point in time. Weeks or even months down the road when your memories have faded, these notes will aid you in remembering the accident and will help the attorneys in preparing your legal claim.

Note Taking Can Support Neutral Evidence

In addition to the aforementioned notes, you also want to keep a journal on a daily basis that details your injuries. You will want to focus on the extent and severity of the injury, how long it takes for you to recover, and your overall pain and suffering. Personal details like this will work to supplement the observations and notes of your medical professionals. In addition, your notes will be valuable when it comes time for your attorney to calculate monetary damage.

Note Taking Helps to Determine Financial Losses

As you take notes, you will want to ensure you include details about the time that you miss from work, lost opportunities for promotions, any property damage that is sustained, and the like, as these notes can help your attorney establish economic losses. You should also notate any expenses for medications, equipment (like crutches), and travel to your medical appointments.

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