Handling Reproductive Injuries After A Motorcycle Accident

4 January 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

With a motorcycle accident, unfortunately, injuries are often a part of the common course of events. However, what is distinctive is the type of injuries the victim faces. More distinct injuries are those that involve the reproductive system. Given the uniqueness of injuries to this system, the manner in which these instances are handled is sometimes different. Discover more about reproductive injuries and motorcycle accidents. 

Injuries Can Happen Easily

An injury to the body's reproductive system can happen more easily than some people think. For example, a serious accident could lead to trauma to the external genitalia of the system, or it could lead to the rupture or crushing of one of the system's internal organs. Any victim that has been involved in a serious accident or experiences any discomfort within this region should speak with their healthcare provider as soon as possible to ensure the statute of limitations does not expire. 

Medical Review and Documentation

An injury sustained to the reproductive system will require an in-depth medical review after an accident. Unfortunately, some insurance companies are not necessarily eager to pay victims for their injuries. For this reason, if they can find any reason to blame an injury on a previous condition, they will. From blood work to scans, you should expect the insurance company to request a detailed workup of your injury and your medical history to verify the claim.

Loss of Life

Unfortunately, reproductive injuries sometimes lead to the loss of the life of an unborn child, particularly early in the pregnancy when the mother may have not been aware of the condition. In the event a child is lost, the parents of the child have a legal right to file a separate claim on their behalf, such as a wrongful death claim. An attorney will work closely with the victim in this instance to ensure the matter is handled properly. 

Pain and Suffering

When it comes to an accident, it is important to remember that victims are not just compensated for the current impact of their injuries. They are often compensated for their future injuries, such as pain and suffering. If you sustain irreversible damage to your reproductive system, you can seek compensation for the suffering this injury caused to your ability to build a family. It is important to note that this compensation can often be extended to the spouse of the injured. 

If you have been involved in an accident and sustained any type of injury, it is helpful to speak with an attorney at your earliest convenience. A motorcycle accident attorney can go over your case and offer legal advice.