4 Tips For Beating Your Speeding Ticket

1 February 2021
 Categories: Law, Blog

Do you feel like you were given a speeding ticket that was not justified, and want to fight it in court? If so, you'll need to know some tips on how you can win your case.

Hope The Officer Doesn't Show

The easiest way to win a speeding ticket case is with a little bit of luck on your side, and that is to simply hope that the officer that gave you the ticket doesn't show up to court. If this were to happen to you, your case would be dismissed and the ticket would be thrown out. If you have the time and can go to court, this is definitely a chance that you can take.

Challenge The Speed Recording Method

It is worth challenging the actual method used that the officer recorded you speeding. In situations where a radar gun was used then you would not have a good defense. However, the pacing method could be challenged. This is when the police officer doesn't use a radar gun, but travels behind you and looks at their own speedometer. Pacing means that the officer simply guessed at your speed, either by being an educated guess or by some other means. This gives you a better chance to challenge your speed in court.

Challenge The Speed Limit Sign

You can challenge the knowledge of the speed limit if there was some sort of obstruction on a speed limit sign that you passed. That is why it is worth going back and taking photos of the last sign that you passed, and see if there are any trees that are covering the sign that caused you not to see it. As long as you were not traveling too far above the posted speed limit that was not seen, you could have a solid case on your hand. 

Challenge The Information On The Ticket

Is there any information on the ticket that is incorrect? It could be something like the make, model, or color of your car not being correct. There could also be a problem with the spelling of your name, where you are not the person the ticket was technically given to. These are all legal reasons that a speeding ticket could be thrown out.

Do you really need to have your speeding ticket dismissed in court? Consider contacting a traffic ticket attorney. They can provide more information regarding traffic ticket cases.