What Does a DUI Trial Look Like?

9 June 2021
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When you face driving under the influence, or DUI, charges, you may face a misdemeanor criminal trial. These trials may occur with a jury watching, though many people plea out to avoid trial. If you do choose to go to trial, you should consult with a professional before moving forward.

In the meantime, it is a good idea to know what to expect before your trial.

Your Trial May Involve a Jury

One of the first things you will work through with your DUI attorney is what kind of case will suit you better. You may be able to opt for a bench trial in which the judge makes the decision instead of a jury. Each kind of trial has its benefits, and the type of trial you choose with your attorney will impact what the courtroom will look like when you enter the room. As you discuss the trial options with your attorney, your attorney may offer to take you to a courtroom to allow you to see where you will sit and where you will testify.

If a jury is involved in the process, jury selection will be one of the first parts of your trial. Your DUI attorney will assess the potential jurors and determine who will be a good, fair pick for your case.

Attorneys Make Opening Statements

Opening statements are made by both your defense attorney and the prosecution. Opening statements create a story, showing the judge or the jury what to expect. For example, in your case, the prosecutor might make the claim that you were driving under the influence and list some of the evidence to prove it. Your attorney will make a statement about how this is not the case and then discredit the evidence brought in by the prosecution.

Each Side Presents Evidence

The next steps involve much of what you may have seen on television. Each side presents evidence. In your case, this might involve statements by arresting officers, dashcam footage, BAC tests, and field sobriety test results.

Closing Arguments & Deliberations

Before the verdict, each side makes some final statements. The goal of these statements is to draw the article to a close by pointing out the most significant facts. Then, the jury or judge will deliberate.

Meet With a DUI Attorney ASAP

It is important that you meet with a DUI attorney as quickly as possible. A professional can help you take the next steps so that you can be prepared for your DUI case.