Contesting A Property Tax Bill? Common Reasons To Consider

21 April 2023
 Categories: Law, Blog

Property taxes are billed annually to the property owner on record. In most instances, property taxes are equal to a percentage of the established property value. Many homeowners believe that they have no recourse in the event that their property taxes seem excessive. The truth is that you do have an avenue for reconsideration. Here are a few common reasons why homeowners might choose to appeal their property tax bill.

Tax Calculation Uses An Inaccurate Property Value Assessment 

When you receive your tax bill, it typically lists the assessed property value as well as the tax calculation. If you have reason to believe that the value basis of your property tax assessment is incorrect, you can appeal the tax bill. You'll need to have a formal property value assessment that reflects the correct value for a successful appeal in this instance. Reach out to a professional property assessor for this.

The Property Details Are Inaccurate

Sometimes, a material error in the details of the property can result in a miscalculated tax liability. For example, if the measurement of the structure or the lot is inaccurate, that can result in an artificially inflated property value and tax. Make sure to review the details that contribute to your tax basis so that you can appeal if there are any mistakes.

You See Uniformity Issues

If your property taxes are assessed significantly higher than those of neighboring, similar properties, there could be a uniformity error that must be addressed. In most cases, properties of similar size, structure, and location will have similar tax liabilities. This is one of the most common reasons to contest a property tax assessment and is among the easiest to win because you can use your neighborhood assessments and tax bills to document the disparity.

There Is Catastrophic Damage or Vacancy

In some instances, property owners can fight their tax bill and assessment based on the condition of the property. If the property has been vacant and has deteriorated as a result of a fire that led to significant damage, this can trigger a reconsideration on the tax basis of the property. These types of appeals are not always successful, but they are not impossible.

These are some of the most common reasons to consider a property tax appeal. If you feel as though your property tax bill is inaccurate or unfairly high, consider reaching out to an attorney to help you contest it based on any of these situations.